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The Art of Photography

Clear up confusion and create stunning imagery with structured professional teaching

Our online photography courses are based on over years of teaching experience and are designed to take beginners to an advanced level or fill in the gaps in knowledge that the more experienced photographer may have

Examples of Our Courses

Complete Guide to Photography

Our most popular online course taking people with little or no knowledge, to extremely competent photographers.

Complete Guide to Lightroom

An online Lightroom course for beginners and people wanting to fill gaps in their learning.

Long Exposure Photography Course

A complete guide to long exposure photography with all you need to know about ND filters and how to post-process your photography for professional results.

Essential Tips for Photo Editing

Speeding Simple Processes

Without a doubt, one of the main issues concerning photo editing is the workflow. Sometimes having to edit even just a couple of photos can turn into hour-long efforts. The process of opening, editing, and saving can become a pain.

Camera Raw Filter

Photoshop CC has the option of enabling the Camera Raw interface. As such fast layer editing can be done in Photoshop. Simply select the layer, then go to Filter > Camera Raw Filter.

Learn About Camera And Lens Adjustments

It’s best, to begin with learning some of ACR and Lightroom’s panels before engaging in Basic adjustments. For example, before you make any substantial changes to color and contrast, check the Camera Calibration panel.

Small Tips to Take Better Photos

Use gridlines to balance your shot.

One of the easiest and best ways to improve your mobile photos is to turn on the camera's gridlines.

Set your camera's focus.

Today's phone cameras automatically focus on the foreground of your frame, but not every picture you take on your phone has an obvious subject. To adjust where you want your camera lens to focus, open your camera app and tap the screen where you want to sharpen the view.

Focus on one subject.

Many of the best photos include just one, interesting subject. So when taking a picture of one, spend some extra time setting up the shot.

Brenda Bisset

Co-Founder of Gigitaran Photo Courses

Our classes are in-depth, structured and will clear up any confusion enabling you to take shots that will stack up against any professional photography.

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